Japanese Zelkova

Scientific Name
Zelkova serrata

Native to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Manchuria.

Prefers moist, well drained soils that are acidic to slightly alkaline. Tolerates pH values up to 7.5. Does well in full sun. Established trees are relatively drought and wind tolerant.

Growth Nature
Grows 50 to 80 ft. tall with a spread of 50 to 75 ft. A tree with a medium growth rate, it takes on a vase-shaped form with a rounded crown as it matures. Shows a variety of fall colors as leaves go from green to yellow, copper, orange on to a deep red to purplish-red. As bark peels on older trees it exposes orange colored patches which provide interesting season color.

Points of Interest

  • Very good street tolerant tree, often used as a shade tree.
  • Deals well with air pollution in the urban setting.
  • Resistant to both Dutch elm disease and the elm leaf and Japanese beetles.
  • Often planted to provide shade along streets, lawns, parking lot islands and is as a buffer strip between properties.
  • Commonly used in bonsai.
  • Timber is highly valued for its quality, durability and strong and highly defined graining.
  • Use in construction and for furniture.