Chinese Wingnuts

Scientific Name
Pterocarya stenoptera

Native to China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan

This fast growing tree prefers sun in areas with moist soils. Ideally it prefers to grow next to a stream or pond. Grows in a variety of soils including sand, loam and clay and is tolerant of compacted soils once established and mature. Highly tolerant of wind and drought.

Growth Nature
Reaching a height of 40 to 70 ft., this fast growing tree achieves a spread almost equal to its height. This gives the tree an overall rounded appearance. The growth rate which is described as phenomenal is reflected in the fact that a 6 year old tree can reach a height of 25 ft. and be 14 inches in trunk diameter. Fully mature trees reach at least 8 ft. in diameter. Root systems are aggressive and grow across the surface of the ground.

Points of Interest

  • Leaves are 6 to 12 inches long composed of finely-toothed, oval leaflets.
  • Seed clusters up to 12 inches long form green strings of winged seeds suspended below the branches.
  • Not very attractive to wildlife and can be a messy tree in the lawn area.
  • Often used as a street or shade tree but roots are not compatible in maintaining a lawn or garden.
  • It is suggested that it should not be planted within 10 feet of any sidewalk or driveway.