photo - 2 elephants playing together, with their trunks and heads, touching each other, looks like they are head butting each other gently, with visitors observing from the fence line

Harry Frazier Family Elephant Encounter

The Louisville Zoo Mourns the Loss of Fitz (2019-2023) See more information on Fitz's short but impactful story.

Mikki and Punch’s exhibit has changed considerably over the years as innovations and standards have developed and as the needs of the individuals and group change. In 2016, the most recent upgrade took place allowing for new protected contact management, improvements to their indoor space, numerous enrichment features and the expansion of outdoor space, with new flexible gating that could be used to facilitate the management of a new calf.

These enhancements exceed new elephant management standards put forth by the AZA, of which your Zoo is an accredited member institution. (See more details about the upgrades in the spring 2016 issue of the Trunkline.)

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