photo - the colobus monkey exhibit, with above visitors pedway for the monkeys to run back and forth, for visitors to see them interacting with each other, plus grass enclosure where they sit and eat, variety of visitors observing the monkeys on a sunny day

Colobus Crossing


The Master Plan for the Louisville Zoo is coming to life! See the new African primate exhibit featuring colobus monkeys!

You and your family can sit on our expanded outdoor dining patio, munch on delicious goodies from the African Outpost and observe colobus monkeys as they leap and swing from place to place within their new habitat. You may even see them cross directly overhead as you walk through the Zoo.

Imagine the squeals of joy, awe and wonder that will come from your children or grandchildren!

This expansion was made possible through the supporters of our Leadership Capital Campaign.

Learn more about the Zoo’s future exhibit plans here.

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