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Experience the Power of Africa! 

The Louisville Zoo is continually finding new and inventive ways to amaze and engage our guests. Enjoy our Africa area, updated in 2016 with exciting enhancements and expansions including new animal encounters and guest comforts. Take a virtual walking tour with us!

DSC_0718Immerse yourself in the natural scenes of Africa while getting up-close with rhinos, giraffes, elephants, hippos, warthogs, bongos and more. Enjoy enhanced views of the galloping zebras. Get mellow with our ringtailed lemurs, the “ghosts of Madagascar.” Practice your roaring abilities with our African lions or keep on the lookout with the vigilant meerkats. Take a rest stop on a shaded bench in the lion sculpture garden or get into the scene and play some African percussion instruments. Look overhead to see playful colobus monkeys in their elavated passageways. Travel deep into the forests of Africa to see pygmy hippos and enter the world of Western lowland gorillas in award-winning Gorilla Forest.

Whether you’re gazing across the expanded views of the new Henry Frazier Family Elephant Encounter, sitting in a Safari vehicle having a staring contest with a zebra, having a relaxing lunch at the Outpost, feeding a giraffe, or setting sail on “the ship of the desert” with a camel ride, you will be captivated by sounds, scents and vistas of an Africa savanna.

Featured Areas

Colobus Crossing

Sit on the outdoor dining patio, munch on delicious goodies served from the African Outpost and observe beautiful colobus monkeys as they leap and swing from place to place within their new habitat or even cross directly overhead and you walk through the Zoo.

The Harry Frazier Family Elephant Encounter

Watch and interact with elephants in all new ways when you visit the new Elephant Encounter including an expanded outdoor yard, interactive training wall and enrichment activities for the elephants.  Learn more about African and Asian elephants.

Award-Winning Gorilla Forest

Whether you are searching along the Discovery Trail, stopping at Hippo Falls or discovering the western lowland gorillas in one of their three habitats, or in their sanctuary-in-the-round, you are in the gorilla’s realm.

Africa Attractions:

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Conservation Corner

As part of our mission to “better the bond between people and our planet,” the Louisville Zoo supports many conservation efforts locally and globally. Learn about our conservation partners working in Africa including Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, International Elephant Foundation and Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International. Learn more about the Zoo’s work with Eco-Cell, to help recycle coltan and prevent it from being mined in gorilla habitats.