photo - black footed ferret, rigatoni, full face with brown head fur, black fur mask across eyes, muzzle is white fur, with blk nose, pink chin, two grey ears, looking out between the grass in his yard

A Rare Sight

Last year, the Louisville Zoo was proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center. Now, you can finally see North America’s most endangered mammal back on exhibit. Black-footed ferret Rigatoni is ready to make your acquaintance in the MetaZoo Discovery Center. Rigatoni is 5 years old and hails from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI). Rigatoni’s new MetaZoo habitat includes a nest box (like those in the Conservation Center) which connects to his exhibit via a system of tubes. This nest box is only visible on the keeper side but allows him an alternative space to rest in the evening. Rigatoni, like all black-footed ferrets, enjoys sleeping during the day, sometimes burrowing into the hay in his exhibit. When he’s awake, you can see him playing and exploring his new habitat.