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Horticulture Volunteer Opportunities

The Horticulture department is responsible for maintaining all plant, turf, and walkway areas of the zoo which encompasses over 85 acres. 

Our department landscapes different areas of the zoo.  Most recent landscaping projects included the Tiger Tundra and relocating plant material to make way for the new Glacier Run Exhibit.  Annual planting projects include planting flowers, tropicals, trees, shrubs, and bulbs throughout the zoo.

Below are some of the duties volunteers would perform:

  • Weed eating or mowing
  • Planting trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bulbs, tropical plants, etc. with shovels, nursery spades, and hand trowels
  • Mulching plant beds or playgrounds using pitchforks, scoop shovels, and rakes
  • Assist with trimming or removing trees, shrubs, bamboo, and ornamental grasses.
  • Watering plants with hoses, sprinklers, or tanker truck
  • Raking leaves, debris, or picking up limbs                                             
  • Removing weeds by hand or with a nursery spade                                
  • Misc. duties

The Louisville Zoo also offers other volunteer opportunities such as scheduled Work Days", "Special Team Projects", and being part of the "Adopt a Garden" program. Please contact the Volunteer Department for more details at (502) 238-5350 or email mary.taylor@louisvilleky.gov Additional information can also be found via the links under "Volunteer Opporunities" on this page.

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