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Louisville Zoo Rider Policy

All Rides

  • Please read all safety information and follow instructions of attendants.
  • Children under 42 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Guests with heart, neck or back problems should not ride.
  • Remain seated at all times.
  • All riders must wear shirt and shoes to ride.
  • Please secure all loose items. Not responsible for articles left behind.
  • No food, drinks or smoking allowed.

Carousel Specific

  • Guests who are pregnant, or might be pregnant should not ride this ride.
  • No lap children are allowed.
  • No side saddle seating is allowed.
  • Guests should remain seated, facing forward, holding on to the pole at all times.

Train Specific

  • Remain seated at all times until instructed to exit the train.
  • Keep arms and legs inside the train at all times.
  • Do not stand while the train is in motion.
  • The Zoo train is wheelchair accessible.

Rider Responsibility: There are inherent risks in the participation on any amusement ride or attraction. Guests have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while participating on the ride or attraction and to obey all oral and/or written warnings.