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Award-Winning Glacier Run

Top Honors in the Association of Zoos & Aquariums 2012 Award for Exhibit Design for the Glacier Run exhibit. Click here to read more.

Designed as an imaginary gold mining town on the edge of the arctic wilderness Glacier Run is based on the notion that humankind and nature must co-exist. The exhibit offers a truly unique experience where guests can connect with magnificent animals like polar and grizzly bears, interact with zookeepers to learn about conservation and become temporarily immersed in the experiences of life on the tundra.

Award-winning Gorilla Forest

The award-winning four-acre Gorilla Forest is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken at the Louisville Zoo. This multi-faceted exhibit immerses you, the visitor, into the world of gorillas. Whether you are searching along the Discovery Trail or stopping at Hippo Falls or discovering the gorillas in one of their three habitats, you are in the gorilla’s realm.


Lorikeet Landing

Enjoy a real nose-to-beak experience as you stroll through this beautiful aviary, surrounded by brilliantly colored, friendly birds that will eat nectar right out of your hand! Nectar may be purchased at the exhibit for $2 per cup.



Award-Winning Islands

The world's first multi-species rotational exhibit. The Islands exhibit encourages visitors to explore the concept of Islands as ecological treasures. Adapted through eons of isolation, island species are uniquely vulnerable to changes brought about by natural forces or introduced by humans due to their inherent limited resources in a finite environment.


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See the newest additions to the Louisville Zoo.


From tiny starlings to massive Sea Eagles, the Louisville Zoo's Bird collection is impressive.


Located primarily in the HerpAquarium and MetaZoo exhibits, you'll spot both native and exotic types of fish.


Visit the world of arachnids and other species.


The Louisville Zoo's extensive mammal collection includes rare Western lowland gorillas, Sumatran tigers, Asian & African elephants and many more of your favorites.

Reptiles & Amphibians

These fascinating animals include most species of snakes and lizards as well as frogs, Cuban crocodiles and King Louie, our own White alligator.