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Zoo Rules and Regulations

For the safety of the animals and visitors, we ask that guests abide by the following rules and safety regulations:

  1. Children under the age of 11 must be supervised.

  2. No one is permitted on Zoo grounds that is intoxicated or on drugs.  If you see a visitor that appears to be drunk or on drugs causing a disturbance of any sort or threatening to harm an animal, contact a Zoo staff member or guard for assistance.  The Zoo reserves the right to refuse admittance to such persons and to request them to leave.

  3. Visitors must use walkways, except for picnic areas.  If you see a person walking off walkways, standing or climbing on exhibit barriers, shouting at or teasing animals, throwing objects into exhibits or littering the Zoo grounds, contact a Zoo staff member or guard.

  4. No pets are allowed at the Zoo except for seeing-eye dogs and assist dogs.  Persons entering the Zoo with those types of dogs need to notify the cashier or ticket taker before they enter.

  5. Balloons, bicycles, skateboards, skates, Heely inline skate shoes, glass containers or other items that could injure animals or people are not allowed inside Zoo grounds or in the tent area.

  6. Visitors may have radios in public places if they keep them at a low volume.

  7. Guests may not bring alcoholic beverages into the Zoo.

  8. Feeding animals is prohibited throughout the Zoo!  This is to ensure the health and safety of the animals.  If you see a person feeding an animal, contact a Zoo staff member or guard.

  9. If you ever see a person in immediate danger, contact Zoo staff immediately.  DO NOT TAKE RISKS IN ANIMAL EXHIBITS. Keep your eye on the person and call for assistance. Please do not call 911 as the Zoo staff is trained to provide critical information to emergency personnel for the most efficient delivery of care.  The Zoo receptionist can be reached at 502-459-2181.

  10. Distribution and/or sale of literature, goods and services are strictly regulated. Any such activity can only take place if approved by, and with prior arrangements in writing, from the Louisville Zoo.

  11. For your safety and to help preserve the valuable plant and tree collection, please stay on the pathways, with the exception of the picnic areas.  Do not pick any plants or leaves.

  12. Smoking (tobacco and e-cigarettes) is prohibited throughout the Zoo except in several designated outdoor smoking areas noted on the Zoo's printed guide map.